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Friday, September 29, 2017


Healthy looking trees grow amongst the rocks on a slope in hill country. Slant of the trees show that the area gets some good winds which cause them to lean. Ink and watercolor.

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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Cathedral Lake-Yosemite

This is a quick, small painting of the area near Cathedral Lake in the Yosemite valley. Quiet and serene, only the echos of birds and animals and the wind through the trees are heard here. SOLD

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tragic Fires

We have been monitoring the horrible fires in southern California and in particular the San Diego area. Five years ago, we moved from the Escondido area to northern California. The fires are near our previous home which is located on the north side of Lake Hodges at the southwestern edge of Escondido. At this point 4 or 5 homes have burned in that development which is called Lomas Serenas. Our relatives have left Escondido not knowing if their home will remain.

We have many friends in the San Diego area and many are in harms way--from Escondido to Rancho Santa Fe to Chula Vista. We have made contact with many and have offered to have them come here to stay. We can find homes for people if we need to. Most have found other places to live.

Unless you are from southern California, you have no idea of the force of Santa Ana winds. They are strong and hot when they blow into the area. In September, October and November the temperatures are still very warm and the land is tinder dry. These appear to be some of the worst winds that I can recall. The winds must die down for the fire fighters to get a chance to halt the charging fires.

Last night I saw news reporter Larry Himmel reporting in front of his home that was aflame and destroyed. I probably could not have done what he was able to do. Larry is not just a reporter. We grew up watching him on the news for many years. That makes it much more personal. We also believe our former church (RBBC) in Rancho Bernardo may be partially destroyed.

All for now. We will watch and pray that the winds subside and cooler weather will arrive.


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