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Monday, April 23, 2018

A New York Yankee

The baseball season has begun. My painting shows a New York Yankee jogging to lossen up before a game. It's a long season so enjoy it. Ink and watercolor.

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Monday, April 02, 2018

It's Back Again!!

I am republishing another version of my hardball since the baseball season has now officially started. It's a VERY long season! The Major Leaguers started end of March and the World Series will be held in October.
Ink and watercolor.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

A St Louis Cardinal

Yadier Molina is a catcher with the St. Louis Cardinal Major League baseball organization. He is an excellent All Star catcher, savvy hitter and has a high baseball intellect. Born in Puerto Rico in 1982, Yadier possesses a strong throwing arm and is considered one of the greatest defensive catchers of all time. He is a two-time World Series champion and four-time National League pennant  winner with the Cardinals. Ink and watercolor. SOLD

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Favorite Chicago Cub

The Chicago Cubs are in the playoffs in hopes of getting to the World Series after an amazing baseball season. My favorite Cub is not any one player but the little Cub patch on the shoulder. This little Cub was seen on many of the older uniforms and this is what it looked liked on the shoulder of the great Ernie Banks, maybe one of the greatest Cub of all. SOLD
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Monday, April 04, 2016

The Long Season Begins

In the United States, one of our most popular sports begins with the major league baseball season in April. Little leaguers, high schoolers and collegians are already in full swing and now the professionals begin. How long is the season—it starts now and ends in October when the World Series concludes. Spectators are exhausted when the season has ended. Ink and watercolor.

Monday, April 20, 2015

It's That Time Again

My loose little sketch reminds us all that the baseball season is in full swing again. For baseball fans, it’s a long season—from April to October. Every sport is more fun if you have several favorite teams like I do. The Padres, Angels, Dodgers, Giants and Athletics are my favorites. Our Sacramento River Cats are fun to watch also and the venue is perfect on a warm summer evening. Ink and watercolor.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

San Francisco Giants-World Champions Again

My little baseball sketch is a perfect symbol to help celebrate the World Series win by the San Francisco Giants.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Dangers Of The Game

Baseball catchers of the past had much less protection compared to the one in this illustration. Today's catchers are protected much more. My illustration shows Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants crouched behind home plate as he awaits a pitch. With all this protection, nothing could protect him from a runner crashing into him and tearing up his leg during a ball game in May. Buster is gone for the season with this horrible injury. Ink, watercolor, Sharpie. SOLD

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seeing Is Deceiving

Last year I had the opportunity to be down on the playing field near the San Francisco Giant's dugout. Tim Lincecum, the team's star pitcher walked by. Also known as The Freak by his team mates, Tim is only 5'-10" tall and weighs about 170 lbs which made me wonder how an athlete with such a slight build can throw a little round baseball as hard as he does.

The answer is that he has the arm strength, was taught the proper pitching mechanics and he has the grit. Each game he hones his skills and is learning to pitch smarter. The Giants are close to winning their division as the regular baseball season nears the end. Sharpie, Prismacolor pens. SOLD

Thursday, June 26, 2008

NCAA Division I Baseball Champions

The Fresno State University Bulldogs are the 2008 NCAA Division I baseball champions! And since I am a former Bulldog baseball player, I, along with many others are extremely pleased with this year's College World Series ending. Fresno State powered past the University of Georgia Bulldogs 6-1 in the final game of the series. Fresno's overall record for the year was an unimpressive 47 wins and 31 losses. But when tournament time came around, the Dogs got tough by winning the Long Beach regional and the Tempe super regional before blasting through the best in college baseball at the World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. Mike Batesole, the coach of the Bulldogs, was masterful in using his pitching staff and thankful that his hitters battered opposing pitching. They won six times when a loss would have ended their season. They won seven games against teams ranked in the top 10 and three more against teams in the top 20 to claim the 2008 title. Congratulations to the baseball team at Fresno State University.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old Shortstop

This line drawing was done many years ago when I really was a sports nut. I always liked the Houston Astros so I drew this shortstop making a quick, off-balanced throw. The reason I like this drawing is that it was done very simply--very few lines. I think the player was Sonny Jackson and I drew this in 1967.

Anyway, this is my first baseball fix for the summer and I am sure there will be more. Today, I am a San Diego Padre fan but they are fading so fast it's not even funny. Maybe they will make a comeback like the Chargers did this past season.

This is a scanned image onto bristol board with a little bit of watercolor wash. 8" x 10".

Friday, March 30, 2007

Baseball Season Begins

Spring means the beginning of the baseball season and in April the big leaguers begin play for real. For us baseball buffs, this sport will always remain with us no matter if the game has changed dramatically. This pencil drawing with watercolor shows an old New York Yankee pitcher ready to fire away. While I'll be rooting for the Padres, Dodgers, Angels, Giants and A's to play well, I will also follow the minor league and college teams. Welcome baseball to another season.


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